Lay-by Terms and Conditions

What is a Lay-by?

A lay-by is the option to pay a deposit to secure a product or service for later, when the full amount is paid. To lay-by goods, the customer pays a small deposit, and subsequently makes regular repayments until the total price is paid.


What products and services available for lay-by?

Business Process Mechanics offers services to document business models and business processes. Our customers have the option to lay-by these services.

On the services page, click “Save for this” and create a fund for the selected service. The set target to reach is R8500 as this is the minimum cost of services. Once the target is reached, Business Process Mechanics will arrange a meeting to confirm the requirements and provide the final cost which can be paid at completion of the project.

Funds are managed using Add A Bit.


Lay-by terms

The customer chooses a target date. We recommend saving for 6-9 months. Business Process Mechanics encourages customers to pay a deposit and contribute monthly towards reaching their goals. R8500 will secure a meeting for us to discuss your requirements. Then a final quote is submitted and R8500 is your deposit for the project.


What is the contribute feature in the fund?

Customers can share a link to their fund to invite friends and family to contribute – meaning customers can crowdfund their dreams.


A Guide to Consumers on Cancelling a Lay-by Agreement

You may cancel the lay-by before the target date. All cancellations must be in writing and will incur a 5% penalty fee (of the funds already collected) which covers administration costs. Email:

Cancellations received in writing 60 days before the target date will not incur any penalty fees.


Business Process Mechanics Cancelling a Lay-Bye Agreement

If you fail to meet the requirements of the lay-by contract, Business Process Mechanics may cancel the contract. However, before doing so, we will:

  • Send a written notice advising you on the impending target date,
  • Give you 20 days to meet the target date or risk cancellation which incurs a 5% penalty fee which covers administration costs.


If you still do not meet the requirements, Business Process Mechanics may:

  • Cancel the lay-by agreement;
  • Charge the agreed penalty fee (5%) and deduct it from the refund of any monies already paid; and
  • Refund the balance to you within 14 days of cancellation.


Contact details:


Tel: +27 78 389 5532