Business Growth: Review your offering

In my previous article about reviewing your suppliers and partnerships, in particular, how that can help you grow your business, I referred to my partnership with an Events organizer.

Instead of attending the Prepare your business for growth workshop, she’d opted for a one-on-one session so we could focus only on her business. When I asked why she thought she was struggling to get customers, she looked defeated. Her service is to translate her customer’s vision of their event into reality. She had her own concepts of events and did not have a real reason for not executing those concepts – by that I mean she had more excuses than failed attempts. She had not tried.

Instead of her only implementing a customer’s vision, our partnership gives her the opportunity to implement her own concepts. She has not changed her business, she has reviewed the scope of what she offers and that has grown her business. Instead of employing casual staff for a customer’s event, she has some permanent staff working on her projects. She got referrals from hosting her own events.

Reviewing what you offer exposes opportunities to increase customers and capacity (e.g. create jobs).

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