Going nowhere slowly and losing your sanity while you’re at it?


Most of us didn’t start a business to be the only person working in the business. At some point, we want to delegate. We want to work on other parts of the business. Otherwise start a new type of business.


There’s nothing wrong with being the only person working in the business. This is still applicable to you if you want to buy back your time and sanity.

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Ever needed a quote from a removal service? After a few back and forth emails, I don’t want to move anymore. So much admin. I sent some of them an email on how they could use their website to let a customer generate a quote online. This would buy back at least 3-4 hours a day. They would only receive an email to arrange the move if the customer accepts the quote. It would also be convenient for the customer. Referrals would increase.


Simple thing, in your business, how long does it take to send out a quote?

Here’s 3 things to consider when you get tools to buy back your time and sanity

  1. Processes – the way your work or send a quote.
  2. People – both the customer and the people you work with. The easier it is for them to use, the more they will enjoy working with you.
  3. Budget – You free software if you must. You should always invest in software that will scale as your business grows.

If you decide to build your own software, make sure you can sell it to the industry, otherwise you won’t get much return on that investment.


Tools make it possible for you to work on your business and not in it. Buy back your time and sanity by making it easier for you and the customer to get what you want. Let’s chat about how this can work for your business.

P.S. Tomorrow is World Productivity Day

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