We speak a lot about defining the customer, and we hardly speak about defining teams, processes and systems needed to support the business. Entrepreneurs and business owners are often unsure where to start with this, particularly when you are limited by financial resources.


Just because you cannot hire or buy today, it does not mean you cannot make plans.

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities remove any ambiguity in how to operate the business. Knowing the skills needed in the business will influence the recruitment and training of teams.

“Irrespective of where your business is today, you can start planning for a more effective and efficient business”.

To start defining teams, processes and systems ,start noting all the processes you follow to complete various tasks. If you don’t have a team, you currently play multiple roles and do things a certain way. If you have a team, you will soon realize what needs to be improved.

Start defining teams, processes and systems by doing the following:

  1. List the tasks you do to market, sell and deliver your products and services. Write the tasks in order;
  2. Note the tools you use to complete each task – including apps, software or machinery;
  3. List the skills you need to do each group of activities. E.g. if you need use software or an app, you need to be computer literate. 


This will make you aware of the processes, systems and skills you have or need to run the business. It will influence recruitment and training. For recruitment, you will know what skills people need and what to ask during interviews. You will know what training you need to provide current and future staff.

To further understand the impact of documented business processes, read the article on Business Process Manuals.



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