Ever wished you had more time in the day? Is your to-do list getting longer? Do you wish someone else or something else could handle some of the things on your to-do list?


Are you a one man show that needs assistance?

Grow your operational capacity

Let me help you save some time.  Follow these simple steps and transform yourself, and potentially your business:

  1. Write a list of the tasks that have to be done regularly to run the business;
  2. Note which tasks can be automated e.g. sales;
  3. Add a category to each task – e.g. Marketing, HR, Operations (day-to-day);
  4. Decide if you need to hire a person to handle the tasks – if a specific category has a lot of tasks, you need a person;
  5. Write job descriptions for each role that needs to be hired
  6. Write procedures & standards for the work so the new staff does the task correctly


If you think you do not have money to hire new staff, consider this, while you are doing the marketing tasks, who is taking care of the admin? How efficient are you?


Business In Theory writes process guides that enable managers to effectively manage their teams. Here’s what we do:

  1. Write the business process (we will recommend ways to improve efficiency if the processes are inefficient)
  2. Review the roles involved in each process and make sure the job descriptions are aligned to the process
  3. Write guides for each role on how to efficiently complete tasks which becomes the key performance indicators (used in performance reviews particularly for bonus discussions)


Using process guides has the following benefits:

  1. Improve efficiency – staff know exactly what to do to complete a task and can produce more of the same thing quicker e.g. new staff use the guides for training
  2. Consistency – staff maintain the same expected standards repeatedly irrespective of experience and customers perceive this as being reliable
  3. Reduce recruitment and training costs –staff are loyal once the expectations are clear, therefore less resignations. Staff that require training can be trained using the process guide as opposed to shadowing another staff member (2 people’s time is wasted) or learning it by trial and error. (read about the impact of resignations



It’s easier to do this when your business is not operational, when it’s still a start-up, but it can always be done later.


Contact Business In Theory to discuss how to automate tasks and how to write business processes.