Are you an employer? How long did it take you to hire your first employee?

I read on “what kind of entrepreneurs become employers” and it states that start-ups in the US tend to make their first hire within three years. After reading the article I started looking for these stats for South African or African start-ups and couldn’t find much.

South Africa is dependent on SMEs scaling to curb poverty, yet we aren’t getting the right level of support to employ more people. There are multiple barriers to market entry and the regulations on employment don’t make it any easier. Also there’s so much else to consider before hiring, much like Jenny Retief points out in 5 Tips to hiring your first employee. That’s why it can be overwhelming.

It’s for this reason I’m excited about the Employer Support Program launching in November. This will assist SMEs become “the employer of choice”, hence I was reading up on such.

so what is employer support about?

During the program, scheduled to kick-off in November 2019, business owners will attend masterclasses and:

  • formulate a growth strategy – to be reviewed with mentors (6 months mentorship) so you aren’t alone;
  • map business processes to identify opportunities to employ or leverage technology to scale;
  • Review the implications of employing and offering benefits, from a tax and legal perspective;
  • Develop a recruitment strategy to manage staff turnover and be the employer of choice.

From this initiative, we expect to see business owners achieve their goals of employing more people within the next 12 months, while improving their bottom line. Small business owners can then work towards becoming the employer of choice.

The program is open for current and aspiring employers. Therefore no excuses, sign-up should this be what you need to grow your business.

In addition to the program, we will be giving you access to resources to improve the probability of success.