Spend time listening to your ideas. Not your thoughts – those are opinions, your views. Listen to your ideas on solving particular challenges.

Most of the time we repeat the story. We don’t solve the problem. We repeat the story mostly so we don’t forget it. When you write something, you let it out. Making space for the next idea.

What about those ideas?

Remember that idea you had to improve your business, not so long ago. The one you can’t remember in full detail because something else came up. If you’d written the idea, you wouldn’t have forgotten it. Write the idea to as much detail as you have. Making space for ideas that build on that idea. The more detail you write; the more space you make.

Some of us are fortunate enough to work with teams. There is someone to “bounce off” ideas with. Someone to listen. Teams tend to become family is some way.  Family is generally good for the ego. They tolerate your because you love to sing and at least you don’t sing in public. They’ll smile and nod, sometimes applaud your ideas. Until you show up winning the Wooden Mic contest on Idols.

Using a facilitator for your business strategy meetings is like that judge on Idols. The one that wants you to live your dream as a singer. They can’t wait to see the progress as you get advice from the mentors on the show and show up for the next round.

The best thing is they’ll tell you when it’s not working out and you need to try something else. Next time you have an idea or meeting to change the team, suppliers, processes or systems in whatever way, call in a facilitator. Let them help you to convert your idea into a strategy and actionable tasks.

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