Here are 10 Reasons To Simplify your processes:

  1. The process is too long

If the process is too long, the people using it are less like to follow it to the tee because it is difficult to follow.


  1. Too many steps to complete the process

Rather break the process into chunks to make it easy to understand and easy to follow.


  1. Too many references

Referencing to multiple documents or people, leads to straying.


  1. Too much jargon

Define all the terminology – this is especially helpful for new recruits and customers.


  1. Too many people in the process

Too many people the process increase the risk of errors and delays.


  1. Too many reviews

Use checklists for individuals to check their own work before moving on.


  1. The process takes too long

Look for ways to do things quicker without compromising the quality. Delays make room for interruptions and incomplete tasks.


  1. Unsynchronized activities

Loosely related activities that occur in their own time-frame are hard to coordinate. Synchronize them.


  1. Important information is omitted

By leaving out bits of necessary information for the sake of saving time or space, increases the risk of process failures.


  1. Too many “big words” and long sentences.

Using too many “big college words” and stuffing a lot of information into long sentences or paragraphs introduces unnecessary complexity.

Complexity is one of the enemies of consistency and quality.

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