Imagine your business is a car service centre. Not too long ago, a customer would have to call in to book a car for service.

With the widespread use of mobile and web applications, a car service centre should consider using an online solution to this process. That way a customer can book online and no longer deal with unanswered phone calls, or listen to the music while on hold.

The people at the service centre can focus on the customers arriving to drop off their cars.

When you initially started 10 years ago, the business model had nothing to do with developing a web or mobile app, that shows the available slots, allows a customer to book the car in for service.

Look for ways to improve how you offer products and services to customers.

A review of your processes exposes opportunities to scale. It is like looking in the mirror before you go out in public.

Most growing businesses use ad-hoc processes, and that is a huge risk for the business. To grow a sustainable business, you need to create structure. Read Here are four reasons to avoid ad-hoc business processes and 4 Ways to create structure to understand the true benefits.

I collaborate with entrepreneurs to improve business operations; we can work out something for you.

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