Delegating jobs

The move from being a one man show to recruiting teams can be a daunting task, particularly since most people do not know how to delegate tasks effectively which leads to a waste of time with all the back and forth questions of verification. Delegating tasks requires specifics. The more specific you are in the requirements, the greater the success rate. The more reinforced the specifics are, the more consistent the success is.

These are 6 steps assist any one man show, or a small business to recruit and delegate effectively:

  1. Business Objectives

Define the strategic business objectives. The business evolves very quickly when you work alone. Re-visiting the business objectives ensures you are planning based on the current objectives, after learning from all that trial and error of aspirational or early stages as a start-up. This you will share with the new recruits.

  1. Roles & Responsibilities

List the various roles deemed necessary to fulfil the strategic objectives. The one-man show performs various roles to keep the business going. List each role and prioritise recruitment based on needs. This will also help with setting budgets.

  1. Business Processes

Create business processes to achieve the strategic objectives. Write what you do in each role – this will reduce the cost and time spent on training. The new recruits will enhance the processes based on their expertise or their experience.

  1. Document business processes

Operations manuals define the operating standards, to teach to new recruits to grow a consistent & efficient business.

  1. Implement systems

Systems should support the business processes and provide monitoring functionality. The business process should influence the requirements for a purchase or design of the systems. Bearing in mind, when purchasing an off-the-shelf product, the business process may have to change.

  1. Recruit

Recruit a team to fill the roles and responsibilities, follow the documented processes & participate in the growth of the company.

It is important to measure and manage business operations, keeping in mind the 10 Points for Good Business Processes.

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