10 Points for Good Business Processes

Business processes should align to the strategic objectives and values in order to create value for the business.

While reading any business plans or company profiles, businesses all offer “a quality service” or “a quality product”. Push the envelope and ask what that means and there is a deafening silence. Ask how they intend to deliver the “quality”, i.e. business operations and the silence is louder. It is impressive when that has been thought through and formalized, we don’t seem to pay attention to that detail and wing – perhaps it’s the nature of my generation.

As entrepreneurs, we need to take a further step – align business processes to the strategic objectives to ensure that the business can consistently deliver value to customers.

We often speak of customers as the people that pay for the products and services we offer. The reality is our customers include employees and stakeholders (co-directors/shareholders/suppliers).

10 Points for Good Business Processes – Aim for 10 out of 10 in the alignment.


An effective business process meets customer expectations.


An efficient business process maximizes the use of resources used to deliver to customers, employees and stakeholders.


A business process supported by technology enables automation and ease of tracking.


A managed business process facilitates continuous improvement for improved efficiency and consistency.


A measured business process provides information to manage the process.


A business process must be relevant to the business strategy that delivers value to its customers, employees and stakeholders.


A reusable business process ensures consistency in service delivery.


A usable business process should be easy to learn and easy to use. Customers, employees and stakeholders will follow the process if it is easy to learn and easy to use.

  1. USED

A business process only makes sense if it is used. Remember, customers, employees and stakeholders will use it, if it is usable and the value will show in its measures and management.

  1. VALID

A business process that suits its purpose is valid for its customers, employees and stakeholders.

Not sure if your business processes live up to this? Documenting your business processes reveals opportunities for improvement enabling business operations to move up to the next level of maturity.

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