Choosing a name is no child’s play. Some cultures have naming ceremonies and there are rules as to who names the baby.


The challenge is equally daunting when you have to decide what to call your business.

The challenge is equally daunting when you have to decide what to call your business. Click To Tweet

What’s in a name?

A few years ago I lived in Beijing. Every now and then I’d receive a message to saying something like “I’ve started a new chapter in my life, and I’d like to be called so and so from now on”.


Turns out it’s common for Chinese people to change their English names. This was a bit confusing to me since I have only ever had one, except for the nicknames along the way. A few years later, I got married to a Mosotho and in their culture, the bride is given a new name. Still, it’s not unusual for people to have two or more names.

The journey to re-branding

This journey to re-brand Business In Theory to Business Process Mechanics has made me realize a few things. While I thought it would click that Business In Theory implies the business has something to do with documentation, I received feedback that told me otherwise. Some people thought the business is an academy.


Re-branding after 3 years of being in business is not as much of a train smash as the voices in my head led me to believe. It has been a fun journey and one that has reignited my sense of purpose for the business.


It’s not just the logo and the name that has changed. Business is growing. Take a look at the packages for business models and process manuals  – start today and see results in 6-9 months.

See the steps to follow to change your company name.

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