People that use Gmail for business emails are harshly judged. I admit, I don’t take them seriously either. Not because they have not invested in their own domain, however cheap it may be, is it because they don’t use it like a business address.

People that use Gmail for business emails are harshly judged for not investing in their brand. Click To Tweet

Here’s what is missing from your Gmail:

  1. The address

The nickname your friends use; is not the person or company I want to do business with. does not sound like business, perhaps it’s a niche market. Use either (as if you work for Google, we know you love their services) or use your

Use either or use your Click To Tweet

  1. An email signature

Thanks for letting me know the email was sent from your Samsung Galaxy 7, iPhone, Huawei etc. However that’s not relevant. Please add your name, phone number and company name so I know something about you or remind me.

  1. Is this a business?

The domain name makes it quicker to look up the business. In your email signature, include and link to your website address and social media pages at the very least. You lose a potential customer when your company is not found online.

This won’t spare you the judgement, sorry. If I’m to look beyond the use of the Gmail account for business, at least lead to an online presence that says you’ve invested in the business.

Another thing to think about – What email addresses will you use for the rest of the team? How will people know they are dealing with someone from your team unless you use and for the other director or sales manager in the team?

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