Subscriptions are often associated with newspapers, magazines or books. Of late, more brands are using the subscription model. Done correctly, it becomes automatic revenue from loyal customers.

Typical subscribers are customers that buy a regular set of products monthly or in some pattern. If you don’t know your customers buying patterns, start collating the data.

Keep a database of your customers and information on the sort of products they like, or might like. Use this information to market your products. Invite customers to subscribe for their regular orders. Give options to pay either a weekly, monthly or quarterly fee to receive a box of their favourite products.

Subscribers are also the best people to offer discounts or samples of new products to review.

Subbly takes care of the admin of setting up a subscriptions site. Load your products and focus on building the brand. These are some of the products that make great subscriptions boxes:

  • Cosmetics;
  • Food;
  • Clothing;
  • Accessories;
  • Flowers

Subbly has tools for marketing and you can link it to local shipping partners. it is a simple tool.

Get Subbly to start your subscriptions service or read about other recommended tools.

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