Coronacation has forced some businesses to work remotely, when that wasn’t the plan. Caught off-guard, you might not have the right tools to manage productivity. Which could elevate your anxiety as a business owner. Added to that, the children must be home schooled.

So you are better prepare for the future, now may be a good time to start documenting your business processes. Use Process.Street so can also create templates and checklists that link to workflows.  

Until now you probably didn’t have a policy in place for remote working. Update your employee handbook using Trainual. It turns every process, policy, and procedure in your business into a playbook. With this, the company culture and delivery standards are compromised.

For now, here are some tools that may be useful.

Communication need not stop.

Keep the communication lines open and productive. On Slack you can create channels to discuss projects with the whole team or a small group. It connects to nearly 2000 other apps so most things can happen from one place. Alternatives to this include Flowdock, Typetalk

Time management is key

To make sure the team still delivers on time, use Paymo to manage scheduling of tasks, time tracking & billing (in whatever currency). It’s great for Creative & Marketing Agencies, Law Firms, Business Consultants, Architecture Firms, and Freelancers.

Timely is another tool to use for managing teams remotely. Keep the team organised with dashboards, time-sheets, rosters and automated appointment updates. Otherwise you can use Trello.

What about distractions?

if you are worried about how you will manage distractions, use Focuster. It is designed to help eliminate those distracted states, helping you prioritize what really matters. Use it to manage home schooling and work tasks.

It takes an average of 24 minutes to regain your focus once you’ve lost it. Focuster helps you bounce back quicker.

You can still sell remotely

If your customers can’t come to the shop, update your website to sell online. Use Live Chat so they can ask questions about the products, and your sales team can still be effective.

Already have an online store? Use Subbly to set up a subscription box for customers to get their regular supplies delivered.

Email any questions or share other great tools to

sell remotely