Most websites are setup to get subscribers. Users sign up to a mailing list for information about your offering. Every now and then, they score a great deal. Ideally, these subscribers become customers. That’s the logic.

Take it one step further. If they are buying at regular intervals, get them to become subscribers. 🤦‍♀️

For one, subscribers bring automatic revenues. Their regular subscription fee, means a steady income. The key is to keep the numbers from fluctuating too much. That regular income, becomes capital to grow or scale the business.

There are no rules on how to create a subscription box, except to make it cost effect for customers and ask for at least once month’s notice for cancellations. What makes subscriptions successful is knowing what your customer likes.

Subbly is a great tool for setting up a subscriptions site. Load your products and focus on converting customers to subscribers. They will love the monthly gift box.

Some pointers:

  • focus on top selling products, and regular customers;
  • workout their average spend – low, medium and high;
  • create 3 subscriptions based on the information so far;
  • contact the regular customers offering these great packages

When you’re ready, use Subbly and let the analytics guide your growth. Also, don’t forget to leverage social media to get more subscribers.