Websites used to be brochures for a business. They have since evolved to become shops, classrooms, consulting rooms and an alternative to owning a TV channel.

While on Coronacation (holiday enforced by COVID quaratines), people are looking for alternative sources of income. Some are settling into working remotely. Others are looking for jobs.

This has led to growth in the gig economy. Where “gigs” (jobs), are on temporary and flexible terms. Instead of full-time employees, companies will use independent contractors and freelances.

With that, there’s been an increase in domain registrations and new websites. Contractors and freelancers are using their websites as résumé.

This also means an increase in micro businesses, who won’t employ more that 5 people. With the right functionality, websites are the receptionist or administrator of a micro business.

  • Bookings – reduce the back and forth trying to find time for a meeting. Let clients see your availability and book a slot for calls or meetings;
  • Contact form to handle enquiries;
  • E-commerce to sell products and services;
  • Link to social media to share blog posts to social media pages to drive traffic back to the website;
  • Newsletter signup – build a database of people that want to engage with your content.

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