WhatsApp Messenger started in 2009. Initially it was designed to let people know when you are available to take a call via your status.

By the end of 2017, WhatsApp was up to 1.5 billion active monthly users. In 2018 they launched WhatsApp for Business. The idea was to provide features to improve customer engagement. Click To Tweet

That’s where they’ve stopped.

On Facebook and Instagram have features to run a store from their platform. Store owners do note there are customers who use Facebook or Instagram to window-shop. These customers then contact the business via WhatsApp. Only then do they feel they are connected to a person to complete their shopping.

First question is, “How much?”. Almost always.

This leads to a back and forth on quantities, variations, payments and delivery. Easy for customers. An admin nightmare for the business owner or salesperson.

Compared to other messaging apps like WeChat and TeleGram, WhatsApp Business is slow to release updates. Also, it does not provide analytics like Facebook or Instagram. Data that influences marketing campaigns to drive sales.

Is there a better way?

Fortunately, in this case, there is a a better way and it does not require rework. You can just get WhatsHash and load your products. Your social media posts can drive traffic to your new shop.

WhatsHash is a platform to create a store on WhatsApp.

WhatsHash has features to get the best of your WhatsApp to get more sales. With less the hassle. Customers can now create their own shopping cart and make a payment via WhatsApp. You need only arrange delivery.

The app records all the sales, creates a customer database and handles the reporting. You can also create polls to get feedback from your customers.

To top it off, with WhatsHash, you can share a post on social media without showing your number. You can generate a link instead.

If your customers do the same, download WhatsHash, load your products and start selling. You can even setup subscription services.

WhatsHash is a platform to create a store on WhatsApp.