Considering your current business-operating model, could you serve an extra 500 customers? Are you prepared for growth?

Here are 6 steps to prepare your business for growth:

  1. Review Supplier Service Level Agreements (SLA)

How much money do you spend on your regular suppliers? Is it not time to integrate services so you can improve the inefficiencies? Suppliers are a crucial element of the business operations. If there is an opportunity to collaborate with your supplier to improve both businesses – explore it.


  1. Review your offering

Are your products and services still relevant for the intended customer? Have trends changed in the industry? For some this could mean changing the packaging, discontinuing a product line, or offering product training to reduce the number of support calls.


  1. Review the marketing strategy

Consumer behaviour is constantly changing with every new product or service introduced to the market. The increase in the use of mobile technology has increased the demand to market via these platforms. Do you understand your customer enough for your marketing to reach them? If you don’t understand them – ask your current or previous customers how they heard about your business.


  1. Review business processes

A review of the processes exposes the aspects of the business that need trouble-shooting. If the current business processes are not effective or efficient, the business could crash if there was a sudden increase in demand.


  1. Build effective teams

A review of the business processes will expose opportunities to recruit. Understand the primary function of each role, define the levels of productivity required taking into account seasonal demand – this will guide the skill level needed and the need to outsource, recruit for the long term, offer contractual employment or use interns. Everyone in the team should understand and buy into the long-term vision of the business.


  1. Reinvest in your business

Invest in projects that will reduce waste and increase productivity. A review of the business processes exposes opportunities to improve business operations. Use that to develop strategies and projects – base the implementation of projects on the 6 Points of Prioritization {add link to 6 Points of Prioritization blog post}.


Remember the 7 Steps to Improving business processes to make this successful. If you are asking how long this will take – with the right approach, this could take 30 days.

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